Everything Calligraphy Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Choosing gifts for our loved ones can feel like a huge undertaking, especially when you're pressed for time. We've been there and we've felt lost at times while doing our own Christmas shopping, which is why we've created these Christmas bundles to make things easier for you. These bundles even come in a custom gift box, wrapped in tissue paper, and with a notecard with a personal message!


For Dad (P2199)

Perfect for dad's business meetings or work notes, we've chosen a Nemosine Singularity, Elias hardcover journal, a 30ml bottle of Diamine ink and an Elias double slot leather pen case. You can inform us what your dad's favorite color is, and we can curate the package for you based on your specifications.


For Mom (P1199)

Our Christmas bundle for mom comes with a Jinhao 8802 (you may choose between Maple Wood, Red Wood, Chinese Porcelain, Cherry Blossom), a set of Field Notes Sweet Tooth Notebooks, and a sample vial of Diamine ink. This set is ideal for mom's shopping lists and quick to-do lists.


For Siblings (P649)

You can't go wrong with Jinhao 599A-1, a Diamine sample vial, and an Elias single pen case for your brothers and sisters.


For Colleagues (P519)

This set is perfect for that coworker who keeps borrowing your pens and paper. The Pilot Petit comes in fountain pen and brush pen, and both will work well with an Elias pad.


For Him (P1349)

Whether it's for a boyfriend or a male best friend, this set is dark and edgy enough to make a statement. This set includes a set of Field Notes Pitch Black notebooks, a 30ml bottle of Diamine Jet Black ink, and a Pilot Metropolitan in Classic Black.


For Her (P1449)

This set for women can be customized and curated based on the recipient's favorite color. It includes a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop, a small Rhodiarama softcover journal, and a 10ml bottle of J. Herbin fountain pen ink.


Christmas Calligraphy Bundle (P849)

Our calligraphy set is composed of a few basic items for anyone who wants to try out calligraphy. This set includes a basic oblique holder, a Zebra G nib, a Pilot Petit brush pen, a bottle of Diamine Calligraphy ink, and a small Elias Calligraphy pad.

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