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Elias Pen Cases (Autumn 2016)

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Elias Pen Cases have been redesigned to fit bigger pens such as the Franklin-Christoph Model 02. Elias Pen Cases feature locally-sourced leather and is crafted by Filipino sewers. 

Our Autumn 2016 collection features a new kind of leather called "Saffiano." It is an italian way of stamping leather to create a special diagonal pattern. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, saffiano leather is also known for its stain, water, and scratch-repellent properties. This method is often used for luxurious designer handbags such as those of Hermès and Prada. 


Available in single, double, triple slot

Available in six colors [grained black, dusky purple (saffiano), mosaic gold, olive green, turquoise (saffiano), khakhi (saffiano)].

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