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Fountain Pen Package (Executive Set)

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Our executive set features the best of the best and presents an international line. This package features the Nemosine Singularity in Traditional Colors which is made in Germany. The A6 Web Notebook is made in France by Rhodia, one of the oldest notebook manufacturers in the world. The Diamine 30ml ink is made in the UK using exacting standards in quality such as ink lubrication. 

This package costs P1749. Buying each item separately will cost P1819. 

Please email us or leave a note to inform us:

1. Nemosine Singularity Traditional (Color and Nib Size)

2. Rhodia Web Notebook (Black, Orange, Silver, Lined, Blank or Dot Grid)

3. Diamine 30ml Ink (Color)

*All items subject to availability. We will endeavour to make sure you get your top choice for each item. 

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