Franklin-Christoph Covered Pen Trays
Franklin-Christoph Covered Pen Trays


Franklin-Christoph Covered Pen Trays

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Here are our Covered Pen Trays with either 12 or 7 slots, another unique Franklin-Christoph design. We originally designed this more for our own trade show use than as a product for sale. But as we often find, what's good for our own use is also good for our client's use. 

 Affectionately called the "CPT." 

 Now in our new FxCel oil tanned leather, for smoother high quality finish. Easily rub any marks out with the oil pull up feature.

 Perfect for keeping your best 7 or 12 pens close at hand atop your desk, for compact storage, transporting, or for display. 

 Features our specially designed double hinges for cover to fold under, putting pens on display at 22.5 degree angle. When finished displaying, simply fold back over to cover. 

 Built in hidden magnets in front to secure the front flap. 

 Available in FxCel black with brick red cloth interior, or in FxCel maroon or brown with black cloth interior.