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Franklin-Christoph Penvelope (20 Pens)

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 The C20pen cases are built to house a collection. Great for transporting, storage, or to display your collection with an easy unzip. 

 Securely zipped with custom leather tabs. 20 or 40 flex bands to securely hold your pens in place, large or small. Now double banded for extra stability!

 Franklin-Christoph small logo at base of the back leather.

 Padded brown cloth interior, with a protective cloth flap for each side.

  Our new SaddleBoot leathers are "distressed leather" which will become customized over time with your marks to make a well worn patina. It also has an oil pull up feature whereby you can rub out marks if you like a cleaner look. It is a very thick and durable leather, built to last for decades.  

20 Pen = 9.35" x 7.75"   


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