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Franklin-Christoph Penvelope (6 pens)

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 Constructed with fine genuine leather in options of Croc Print Brown, Croc Print Black, and our custom Saddle Boot in Maroon, Black, and Brown. 

 Interior is a firm cloth that not only holds up to the test of time, but is suitable for contact with any pen material. Dark Rust Red in color, except the burgundy which comes with black cloth. 

 Magnet for secure and easy fastening of envelope.

 6 slots to hold the best of your collection. Slots extend 4.5" to near the bottom of the case to keep pens fully separated.

 Dimensions: 6" wide  x  7" tall  x  1.25" thick.  Loop = .80" wide.

 Weight: 6oz (without pens)

 Fits pens large and small, as large as .75" thick and 7" tall.

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