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Gist Fountain Pen (Polycarbonate with Zirconium)

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Polycarbonate is an amazing material and the version being used in these pens is reinforced with fiberglass. It is known by a few trade names like Makrolon or Lexan depending on manufacturer. It is very light weight, and has much better impact resistance than almost any other plastic.

702 Zirconium is just a super cool material all around. It is similar in appearance to titanium until it is heated up. After heating it turns a really dark gray color that has a beautiful shine. That dark gray is an oxide layer that is very hard and can withstand quite a bit of abuse. It is also extremely dangerous to machine and is prone to starting fires (see the Tactile Turn Instagram feed).

The best part about fountain pens is the fact that they are so customizable. This line of fountain pens takes that to a whole new level by allowing you to choose from many different materials that come together in a magnificent design that works well. All pens have the same dimensions, but you get to choose what materials suit your style best. Eight of the best materials known to man make a total of 21 different models you can choose from.

Weight - 0.66 ounces or 18.7 grams

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