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Noodler's Neponset Ebonite and Acrylic

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The Neponset is a glimpse back in time. The pen is named after an airship built in 1930. The shape of the Neponset pen is similar to the dirigible and is constructed of the original fountain pen material ebonite, which was vulcanized in 1844 by Charles Goodyear in Massachusetts whose company built the Neponset airship. 

The pen weights only 0.8 ounches fully inked and is perfectly balanced for any size hand. The length is generous, yet not overwhelming, only 6 inches long. 

The Neponset comes with the 3-tined music nibs which has a velvety pen stroke with the ability to greatly vary the line width to the user's liking. The ink flow is consistent and generous from the tree fissure ebonite music feed. The Neponset comes equipped with a piston fill mechanism. 

Photos (From Top to Bottom): Black Ebonite, Red Rebellion, John Mung, Ghostly Lapis, Coral Sea, Victory Garden, Bengal Tiger, Appalachian Pearl

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