Shibui Ph 5-Pen Case
Shibui Ph 5-Pen Case

Shibui Ph

Shibui Ph 5-Pen Case

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Protection and Flexibility Embedded Design 

Classic styling on the outside, but with a functional design on the inside. Our trademarked leather Pull-Tag™ Penholder allows you to securely fasten pens of different sizes and diameters. The friction of the leather on leather pull tag ensures minimal movement and bumping of pens, avoiding scratches. The leather strap offers an elegant holder to complement and showcase the beauty of your pens.  

  • Carries 5 Pens of varying diameters
  • Pull-Tag™ Penholder
  • Pocket that contains 2 or more cards.
  • Pocket that can contain a Field Notes notebook or a Passport.
  • Made of high-quality full-grain leather
  • Dimensions: 17.5cm x 14cm x 2.8cm