Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen
Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen


Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen

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The Pilot Falcon (previously known as the Namiki Falcon) is an iconic pen in the fountain pen world.

The major strength of this writing instrument is its nib – an extraordinary softness. The Falcon meets the demands of those who value the quality and pleasure of writing, to the look, the security and the persistence of passing trends, without being conventional. Resin Barrel available in 2 nib sizes: soft extra fine/soft fine

Flexible nib allows expressive handwriting and is available as soft extra fine (SEF) or Soft fine (SF). Note that while this nib is 'flexible' by modern fountain pen standards, it's not as flexible as many dip pens and vintage flex pens - it's soft, and spreads with pressure for a wider line, but vintage flex fans looking for a 'wet noodle' would be better with a dip nib! Use Pilot IC-40 cartridges or bottled ink with the supplied large-capacity piston converter. Supplied in a smart presentation box.