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Everything Calligraphy Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Choosing gifts for our loved ones can feel like a huge undertaking, especially when you're pressed for time. We've been there and we've felt lost at times while doing our own Christmas shopping, which is why we've created these Christmas bundles to make things easier for you. These bundles even come in a custom gift box, wrapped in tissue paper, and with a notecard with a personal message!   For Dad (P2199) Perfect for dad's business meetings or work notes, we've chosen a Nemosine Singularity, Elias hardcover journal, a 30ml bottle of Diamine ink and an Elias double slot leather pen case. You can inform us what your dad's favorite color is, and we can curate the package for you...

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The Everything Calligraphy Christmas Gift Guide

Selecting a gift for the fountain pen-loving individual (or someone you want to encourage to get into fountain pen use) in your life can be an intimidating task. There are so many choices - but the good thing is, with the wide array of choices there is bound to be something for almost everyone. Here are some gift suggestions to make the selection process a bit easier for you.The Fountain Pen NewbieGiving a gift to someone who has never used fountain pens before? The Jinhao x450 is a good pen for beginners since it’s a sturdy pen, it comes in a lot of designs, and it has a converter. Throw in some ink samples and fountain pen friendly paper, like...

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Join Our Handlettering Contest!

If you're a calligraphy or handlettering enthusiast or hobbyist, then this is for you. We'd like to see what you can do with a flex nib, brush pen, or any writing implement you have lying around.What we'd like you to do is create a handlettering piece with our name, EVERYTHING CALLIGRAPHY. Use anything you want: a fountain pen, brush pen, pencil, calligraphy nib, watercolor... Just be creative as you possibly can.To join, you must have a shipping address located in the Philippines, and like or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.Just take a nice photo of your piece, post the photo on either Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to tag us, or else your entry won't be counted.We'll accept submissions...

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Fountain Pen Ink Series #1: Inks for School

Interest in fountain pens among students has been increasing, and while there are many resources that help with selecting your first fountain pen for school, there aren’t a lot of recommendations for fountain pen ink suitable for school use.While the options are pretty conservative and limited due to permitted colors, there are a lot of blue, black, red and brown inks out there that you can use for school. Looking at swatches of blue inks alone, for example, can be overwhelming because there are just so many shades of blue available - some that you never even knew existed!For now, here are our top picks: Diamine Asa Blue Asa Blue is named after the Liverpool singer Asa Murphy. Apparently, he...

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De Atramentis Document Ink Review

De Atramentis Document Black & Dark Blue One oft-overlooked property of fountain pen inks is permanence. When choosing inks, people usually ignore whether an ink is waterproof, lightfast, or heat resistant… until they spill a glass of water or their drink of choice on something they’re working on and it turns into a mess that’s smudgy at best and completely illegible at worst. The problem with fountain pen inks is that to lend them the properties that make them such a joy to write with—flow, color variety, shading, and lubrication, among others—some compromises and sacrifices have to be made. In most cases, this means the (admittedly very nice) ink you’re using won’t hold up to a slightly moist finger, let...

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