Gong Xi Fa Cai 2018

by Eruanne Calie

For this piece, since it’s Chinese New Year and I have another shot at starting something new, I experimented with a Momiji No. 0 watercolor brush and Diamine Matador on Tomoe River Paper to get the feels of how painting with ink would be like.

I googled for Chinese New Year 2018 dog images and found a simple stencil that I thought would work best for a negative red fountain pen ink exercise and started on, pouring the sampler I got from Everything Calligraphy on a porcelain watercolor mixing plate.

Diamine Matador reminded me of many things Chinese: ang paos, wedding invitations, tikoy boxes, lanterns.

These came to mind occasionally while playing with the brush on paper. And I thought about how it would be nice if I can also render my New Year’s wish in Chinese calligraphy.

I hope you try Diamine Matador. It is bright red when diluted with a little water, but deep and bloody when layered. It’s suitable for editing, correcting papers, and yes, most especially for red-themed pieces.

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