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Some Thoughts on Getting Your First Fountain Pen

© Jenny Rollo (freeimages.com) Everyone has had the experience of being a newbie at one point in his/her life. Choosing your first fountain pen can be overwhelming especially with the wide range of brands, nibs and bodies available. It's easy to get confused and feel lost when you see the options available. Today, we are going to talk about the four factors, which you should consider when choosing your very first fountain pen.

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Write to Live. Live to Write.

Hi fellow fountain pen lovers, calligraphy enthusiasts, and paper/journal hoarders. Welcome everythingcalligraphy.com. everythingcalligraphy.com is one of the first Manila-based online calligraphy stores. Right now, we have one journal line and two ink brands. My team and I are working so hard to get even more brands into our store so all your writing needs can be fulfilled by this website. Believe me when I say that there are so many great products that are on the pipeline. We're working with both local and international sellers to get their products into your hands as soon as possible.   For our very first blog, I wanted to focus a bit on our store's tagline: "Write to Live. Live to Write." As an English major,...

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