Write to Live. Live to Write.

Hi fellow fountain pen lovers, calligraphy enthusiasts, and paper/journal hoarders. Welcome everythingcalligraphy.com. everythingcalligraphy.com is one of the first Manila-based online calligraphy stores. Right now, we have one journal line and two ink brands. My team and I are working so hard to get even more brands into our store so all your writing needs can be fulfilled by this website. Believe me when I say that there are so many great products that are on the pipeline. We're working with both local and international sellers to get their products into your hands as soon as possible.  

For our very first blog, I wanted to focus a bit on our store's tagline: "Write to Live. Live to Write." As an English major, I've read countless novels, poems, and plays. One of the most recurrent themes in literature across geographical and temporal borders is the idea of writing to survive or telling a story to survive. There is this story from the Middle East that I am sure all of you are familiar with. It's called "One Thousand and One Nights." It's where the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp came from. One Thousand and One Nights begins with Scheherazade, a woman who's been sentenced to be executed by her ruthless husband, the king. On the eve of her execution, as she lay in bed with him, she started to tell him a story. As dawn finally appeared, she ended her story with a cliffhanger. The king, eager to hear the rest of her tale, decided to postpone her execution for one more night. Every night, Sheherazade told one story after another thus prolonging her execution. This goes on for one thousand and one nights. She quite literally "weaved" stories to survive. In a way, her entire existence also became dependent on her writing. For as long as she could tell a story, she was alive. Her telling a story was proof of life; was a marker of her existence. No matter which version of the tale you read, the ending is the same: the king pardons Scheherazade. 

This store is a homage to the idea of writing as a form of survival and to everyone who has ever struggled to put something down on paper. Our humanity is defined by our capacity to tell stories and writing becomes the medium by which we can do that. everythingcalligraphy.com aims to provide the best writing equipment so that you can tell your own story. So that you too may live the way Scheherazade lived. 

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