KWZ Calligraphy Inks [25ml]
KWZ Calligraphy Inks [25ml]


KWZ Calligraphy Inks [25ml]

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KWZ are a family-run business based in Poland who make beautiful handmade inks. They’ve have been working on their calligraphy ink formula for some time and we’re pleased to say it’s been well worth the wait.

Available in classic calligraphy colours and some more unusual pearl finishes, they are all richly pigmented to give lovely strong colours. Handmade pigment-based ink is waterproof and permanent.

Beautifully packaged in a glass bottle with a grey/silver outer cardboard box, adorned with the beautiful calligraphy of Agnieszka Węgrowska.

For use with dip pens or brushes. Not suitable for fountain pens. Contains 25ml.