KWZ Iron-Gall Inks [60ml]
KWZ Iron-Gall Inks [60ml]
KWZ Iron-Gall Inks [60ml]


KWZ Iron-Gall Inks [60ml]

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Iron-Gall inks are traditional ins that had been widely used until mid-twentieth century. Their popularity came primarily from the fact that they had very intense dark color. Iron-Gall inks easily penetrated deep into the structure of paper which made the text written with them remarkably stable and waterproof.

Iron-Gall inks made by me are so called modern Iron-Gall inks, they differ in some properties in comparison to Iron-Gall inks that were prepared at the beginning of twentieth century. All my Iron-Gall inks are true solutions – they do not contain any suspended solids, either they do not incorporate strong mineral acids to stabilize ink (like muriatic acid or sulfuric acid for example).

Iron-Gall inks differ in content of iron gall component. Because of that I introduced a division of Iron-Gall inks that are produced by me.

Iron-Gall inks require more care from the user of fountain pen in comparison to standard inks. I prepared a set of advices about using Iron-Gall inks in fountain pens, which might be especially helpful when using inks of this type in fountain pens with steel nibs.

Because Iron Gall inks darker over time, all swabs were scanned or photographed at least a week after making the swab on the paper.

Made In Poland.