Majohn C1 (Moonman) Fountain Pen
Majohn C1 (Moonman) Fountain Pen
Majohn C1 (Moonman) Fountain Pen


Majohn C1 (Moonman) Fountain Pen

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Carefully crafted by passionate fountain pen enthusiasts in China, Moonman/Majohn pens offer a remarkable combination of style, quality, and affordability.

This C1 pen features a high-capacity eyedropper design. Using the included glass eyedropper, you can fill the pen with a whopping four milliliters of your favorite bottled fountain pen ink—far more than even a piston or vacuum-filled pen can hold.

The pen's transparent resin barrel lets you admire the color of your ink and see when it's time to refill. It also features a flat side that keeps the pen and cap from rolling away. The colorful grip section is made of swirling red-violet resin infused with shimmering silver sparkles


  • Steel #6 Fine nib.
  • Acrylic resin body.
  • High-capacity eyedropper design.
  • Glass eyedropper for filling the pen.
  • Gift box + Instructional Manual


  • When filling the pen with the eyedropper, leave a few millimeters of space at the top of the barrel to avoid overfilling.
  • The pattern and coloring of the grip section varies from pen to pen, so the pen you receive may differ from the one shown.

NOTE: Due to copyright issues, the Moonman pen company based in China has recently changed it's name to "Majohn." Rest assured all our products are guaranteed authentic.