Majohn C2 (Moonman) Fountain Pen
Majohn C2 (Moonman) Fountain Pen
Majohn C2 (Moonman) Fountain Pen


Majohn C2 (Moonman) Fountain Pen

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Comes in 2 Nib variations: #26 Gold Nib/ #35 Silver Nib)

The Moonman/Majohn C2 is a eyedropper filling Chinese fountain pen that was first released in 2019.

This pen is often said to be like a smaller version of the Moonman/Majohn M2.

The C2 eyedropper was released alongside the more common Moonman/Majohn C1. It’s a smaller pen than is typical but this works well for an eyedropper as you can still have a large capacity.

Unlike the Moonman/Majohn C1 it does not accept a converter. Also unlike the C1 it has nothing preventing it from rolling on your desk (they are both clipless pens but the C1 has a facet to stop rolling).


  • Steel Fine nib (2 variations: #26 Gold Nib/#35 Silver Nib)
  • Plastic body.
  • High-capacity eyedropper design.
  • Glass eyedropper for filling the pen.
  • Gift box.

NOTE: Due to copyright issues, the Moonman pen company based in China has recently changed it's name to "Majohn." Rest assured all our products are guaranteed authentic.