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Pilot Iroshizuku Sample Vials

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Considered to be the "Rolls-Royce" of fountain pen inks, Pilot Iroshizuku inks draw their color inspirations from Japanese culture and nature. Each ink is housed in a handcrafted glass bottle witha unique tapered end that will allow users to draw every last drop of the ink. 

Four Available Sample Vial Options:

1. Individual Sample Vials (P110 each)

2. Complete Set of Iro inks (24 sample vials at P2399)

3. Bestsellers Package (Asa-gao, Kon-peki, Ku-jaku, Shin-kai, Take-sumi, Tsuki-yo, Yama-budo, and Yama-guri - 8 sample vials at P839)

4. Personal Favorites (Choose your own 8 colors for P839). 


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