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The TWSBI Pipe Filler is a stainless steel pipe created as an extension to reach all the way down into the corner of almost empty ink bottles to help people fill their pens. This is especially handy for small or short bottles, or when you run low on ink. It fits standard international converter openings and the TWSBI Diamond series fountain pen barrels.

The TWSBI Pipe Filler is designed to extend your reach to get to the ink in hard-to-reach spots.

Use Your TWSBI Pipe Filler to:

1. Reach all the way down inside an ink bottle to get the last few drops of ink.
2. Ink your Twsbi piston filler, Twsbi converter, Twsbi spring-loaded converter, or international standard size converter directly from even the smallest or shortest ink bottles.

Note: The Twsbi Pipe Filler fits standard international converter openings, as well as Twsbi piston filling fountain pen barrels, Twsbi piston converters, and Twsbi spring-loaded converters.

How to Use Your Twsbi Pipe Filler to Fill Your Pen with Ink:

Using a compatible pen or converter, attach the Twsbi Pipe Filler directly to the pen barrel or converter. Slide the Twsbi Pipe Filler into the bottle of ink and fill with ink using the pen or converter's mechanism (either spring-loaded push or piston-style twist). Tip: Remember that your Twsbi Pipe Filler is acting as a bridge from the ink to your pen or converter. Before completely filling the pen or converter, remove the tip of the Pipe Filler Extension so the ink inside the pipe is pulled through into the pen or converter. Allowing the pen or converter to pull the ink through the pipe prior to removing the pipe will avoid wasting ink.