Yamamoto Paper Writing Pad A5 (New Chiffon Cream) 100 sheets
Yamamoto Paper Writing Pad A5 (New Chiffon Cream) 100 sheets
Yamamoto Paper Writing Pad A5 (New Chiffon Cream) 100 sheets
Yamamoto Paper Writing Pad A5 (New Chiffon Cream) 100 sheets

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Yamamoto Paper Writing Pad A5 (New Chiffon Cream) 100 sheets

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MODEL: Paper: New Chiffon Cream
WEIGHT: 75gsm
With A5 size ruled underlay
Size: A5size 148 x 210mm

New Chiffon Cream is a pale color with thickness, lightness and softness. It is a cream-colored bulky book paper. Bulk book paper was developed to meet the needs of the publishing industry for a paper that is light enough to carry easily and has the proper firmness and thickness to make turning pages easy. The density of the paper fibers is controlled by a special technology using a surfactant jointly developed with Kao Corporation, which manufactures detergents and other products, and the paper's firmness is maintained. In addition, printed characters and photographs do not bleed through, and the paper has excellent printability. Furthermore, since New Chiffon Cream is a neutral paper, it does not fade easily and has excellent preservation properties. In ink tests conducted by Yamamoto Shigyo, there was no ink stretch, no blotting, and no back-stripping with high-viscosity inks, even when rubbed immediately; with low viscosity inks such as HERBIN's pink and red inks, some blotting and back-stripping were observed. However, the rough surface of the paper, which can be felt from the tip of the pen, is very comfortable. Yamamoto Shigyo uses it as the main paper for RO-BIKI NOTE and recommends it for writing with ballpoint and fountain pens in particular. Unfortunately, the brand name has been discontinued as of the end of March 2022.

Yamamoto Paper’s WRITING PAD series is a collection of writing pads that let you enjoy the textures and writing experiences of various types of paper. The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought about major changes in the social infrastructure across a wide spectrum of fields. The paper industry has also been greatly affected by this outbreak, with an accelerating trend to digitize traditional paper-based workflows to support remote workers hitting them particularly hard. Up until these times, Japanese paper manufacturers have strived to offer a wide variety of products to meet every customer’s specific needs, tweaking formulations based on regional needs or for very particular usage scenarios. As a result, Japanese paper manufacturers have managed to produce a vast breadth of paper varieties that are unmatched in any other part of the world. Unfortunately though, the pandemic has put these paper manufacturers in a severe financial strain, forcing them to find ways to cut costs for survival. The consolidation of product offerings has been accelerated and less profitable paper varieties are rapidly being phased out. In order to preserve the obscure gems of writing papers that are on the brink of possible extinction, Yamamoto Paper has curated our favorite writing papers and turned them into writing pads your enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful feeling of writing on these papers as it may only be a matter of time before they disappear forever!