Dominant Industry Brass Pen Rest

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Dominant Industry Brass Pen Rest

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Penrest was inspired by a pattern called ‘Lily of France’. The pattern, also called Fleur-de-lis, was used a lot by the French royal family, and it is a symbolic pattern that spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages Crusades.

It is an attractive pattern that is still loved by many people. When designing, they added fine details to not be limited to the image of the symbol. Both sides are designed symmetrically, so it is convenient to use on any side.

The material of the pen rest is brass. The brass material has a sense of weight, so it does not shake when in use, so you can feel a sense of stability even when you write with a pen and put it down for a while.

Brass has a property that builds up a vintage feel with the number of times it is used and over time. It may be just a small prop, but the more you use it, the more it is a pen rest that captures the flow of time with you.